08 Jul 2009

Away3D: FWA Winners and More!

by Peter Kapelyan

As more developers embrace Away3D as their Flash 3D engine of choice, the amount of quality 3D content in Flash is on the increase! Several recent websites using the Away3D engine have won FWAs (Favorite Website Awards). With now over 1,000 members in our support group, make sure you are signed up to receive the latest information on upcoming releases, as well as top notch developer support from our dedicated team. FWA WINNER: http://www.therelapse.com/ (June 5, 2009) Eminem's new album has broken records, and this amazing interactive adventure website lets you discover and immerse yourself in Eminem's sick musical world: FWA WINNER: Intel meintru3D (March 31, 2009) Intel's meintru3D site let's you create your own animated avatar, mess around with it, and send to friends. Developed by the Rokkan  agency. Fun! FWA WINNER: http://coke.pl/lato/ (May 24, 2009) Take a light-hearted 3D stroll in the country in this comic Coca-Cola website: FWA WINNER: http://www.bananacafe.com.br/ (June 17, 2009) Check out the slick physics and novel ideas on this virtual newspaper site: FWA WINNER: http://www.coketeens.com.br/promocao (April 25, 2009) We've mentioned this Coca-Cola site in a previous post, and happy to see it win a FWA finally: FWA WINNER:  Toyota IQ Virtual Test Drive (February 5, 2009) Also mentioned in a previous post, and a fully deserved win: While the following sites haven't won an FWA (yet?), they continue to highlight the great visual quality that can be accomplished using Away3D: Morgan Stanley Matrix uses slick 3D Fonts with Away3D to produce a professional visual experience. Some superb 3D User Interface ideas can be seen at AIRFORCE.com's Supercar site: Darc Matter is an experimental site that showcases features found in Away3D, and an interesting approach to interactive website creation: Powerflasher's "PDF Book 3D" tool uses Away3D to breathe fresh air into your run-of-the-mill 2D page flip book viewer: The 951 site uses Away3D to create a cool photo gallery on a  disco ball. If you own the legendary glasses, you can even post your own profile: Congratulations go out to all FWA winners, and thanks to all creators of Flash 3D content above for choosing Away3D! The Away3D Team


15 Jul 2009 11:45 AM

Russell Savage said:

We are so thrilled for one of our websites to be mentioned on the Homepage of Away3d. Rokkan is the agency responsible for the creation Intel - Me Intru 3d site, I was the lead developer behind this project. I was wondering if you could mention our company in the summary of the write up?

It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

17 Jul 2009 02:13 PM

Peter Kapelyan said:

Updated! Thanks for using Away3D to make this awesome site!

20 Jul 2009 05:33 AM

Away 3D at Flasherstammtisch said:

[...] http://away3d.com/away3d-fwa-winners-and-more [...]

20 Jul 2009 06:56 AM

Empfehlenswertes pdfbook 3D auf POWERFLASHER Blog said:

[...] Macher von Away3D (der 3D Flash Engine) empfehlen in ihrem aktuellen Blogpost unser pdfbook 3D als die Lösung, um langweilige PDFs aus der 2D- in die 3D-Welt zu holen. Des [...]

03 Jun 2010 05:50 PM

Louie Zack said:

I see this comment and it was really true...

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