12 Feb 2008

Away3d enters into partnership with Strata

by Fabrice Closier Away3d enters into partnership with Strata

The Away3d Team are pleased to announce a new partnership with the community-driven software company Strata, involving their 3d application software Live 3D and 3d[in] Photoshop plugin.

Live 3D is a powerful 3d exporter for the web, which provides an intuative workflow for converting content made in standard desktop 3d modeling software to web based 3d content in Java, PDF and Flash formats.

3d[in] is a plugin extension for Photoshop that allows the import, manipulation and export of 3d content to a variety of web formats.

Away3d will be providing an updated Flash export option for 3d content that displays in realtime, with navigation and animation options built in. The new export format will provide designers with an easy one-click solution for publishing 3d content, using the Flash Player to maintain a high level of compatibility with web browsers.

The Away3d Team will also be developing further tools to allow content manipulation for 3d exported to Flash from the Strata product line.

We are all really excited about the potential this offers 3d on the web, as currently the transition from high-end accelerated desktop 3d content to lower end, browser based web content is still somewhat tricky for 3d designers. Our partnership with Strata aims to address the balance by improving the workflow for Flash content.

Further details will be announced as work progresses.


12 Feb 2008 08:04 PM

philperon.com » Blog Archive » Away3D, said:

[...] full announcement can be found here. Posted by phil Filed in [...]

12 Feb 2008 08:39 PM

atom(x) said:

Great news, guys - you deserve this! Away3D is already incredible; I can't wait to see what kinds of amazing new tools are born from this new alliance.
My best wishes and congratulations to everyone involved in the development of Away3D. Way to go!

13 Feb 2008 06:59 AM

Nick said:

One request I would make is if you could give the user the option of how to export their models. Swift3D now supports Papervision but they only export to Collada, which is all well and good but I'd prefer to have the option (since we're talking Away3D) of choosing Collada, Obj, MD2, or export directly to an AS3 object.

13 Feb 2008 07:00 AM

infinite turtles » Away3d partners with Stra said:

[...] This should be great news for any designers using 3d in Flash - and opens the door for future collaboration aimed at improving the workflow for 3d Flash projects. For the full story go to http://away3d.com/away3d-enters-into-partnership-with-strata [...]

18 Dec 2008 12:40 PM

Chris Charlton said:

I'm into Strata 3D. Right on.

07 Apr 2009 01:59 PM

matt lesko said:

i wondering if someone can answer a question?

Does strata live 3d actually create a swf file of my 3d model that can be played on a stand alone flash player? with no help from a browser? and can be rotated...etc.,as it does in export to PDF? Also can this 3d swf file be added to an existing flash file? I appreciate any of your expertise.


Matt Lesko
S&S Truck Parts, Inc.


08 Apr 2009 04:26 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

No Live3D export xmm's files for the java engine.
You can add this swf to an existing project, but all external supporting files must be placed in same directory as well. Xmm parser, is already functional and should be added to Away in near future. You will be then able to display Live3D xmm files directly into your flash project.

03 Nov 2009 03:54 AM

TatiPiruli said:

I was wondering if this will allow for example exporting a building model from a desktop modelling tool (like Revit) and publishing it in the web. I guess hat would be just for publishing and no t to apply changes to the model in the web, right?


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