26 Oct 2007

Away3D DOT3 Normal Mapping

by Rob Bateman Away3D DOT3 Normal Mapping

First ever implementation of dot3 normal mapping in Flash There is a lot of possibility with importing normal maps into away3d. However, normal maps themselves can be complex to get right, so this demo combines the advantages of a normal map render pipe with the simplicity of a bumpmapped texture, allowing the model to have extra detail without all that fiddly high-poly/low-poly nonsense. Much easier to get right, plus you have the advantage of using a normal map if you would prefer. People with faster machines can set the default quality to high for a fantastic smoothed shading experience... - looks great but it's also heavy on the old processor. I cannot tell you how soon i want to try this with a proper normal map... Rob


15 Jul 2009 08:04 AM

Henk Duivendrecht said:

I'be been looking for examples using dot3 or phong shading with animated movieclip materials. Hopefully they will be added to the away3d documentation soon!

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