02 Oct 2007

Away3D Directional smooth shading

by Fabrice Closier Away3D Directional smooth shading

I just couldn't accept having phong shading only facing you, this would simply be useless in most cases and you would probably choose to have textures with 'pre-baked' shading in order to get light coming from another direction just to better translate the scenery you want to build. The model displayed in this demo has around 650 faces, all being runtime shaded by the code. The code generates random color, camera position and light position. So some camera angles might look pretty weird but I think it adds some pretty cool drama on screen! Keep in mind that sometimes the light will quickly turn when it is very near the target center of the model...it's because the light is being calculated at object level, just to save thousands of calculations per sec. Fabrice


15 Oct 2007 03:20 AM

Edidu said:

sooo cooooool.

19 Oct 2007 12:35 AM

Aviary: Bird Feed said:

Reflective Hummingbird demo...


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