20 Jan 2009

Away3D = Amazing Games, Websites and Applications

by Peter Kapelyan

In 2008, "3D" was the new buzzword for Flash. We saw an increased use of Away3D as an engine for 3D flash games, as well as the use of Away3D for 3D graphics in applications. Huge improvements and additions were made to our API, and the size of the Away3D mailing list increased over threefold. Make sure you join our group to become a part of it all - it is the best place to ask questions, get tech support, keep up to date with API developments, showcase your Away3D work, and communicate directly with the Away3D team. Last year, 3D in Flash took off, with the main 3D engines working hard to make commercially viable libraries, and even Flash itself taking a step into 3D land with the new native capabilities of Flash 10. Here are some recent publications of Away3D content that really stood out: Fisherman's Day has got to be one of the most polished Flash demos for a 3D game seen yet. You won't see anything comparable made with any other Flash 3D Engine. If you've played or seen Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS or Wii, you may recognize the way the scenery and terrain scroll. It's purely ingenious, and this demo has higher resolution than a DS screen, making the effect even more impressive. Using your mouse to walk around, you'll notice the precise collision detection, smooth movement, and highly detailed graphics in this Flash 3D mini-world. Congratulations to dangerous-rabbits.com on a superb use of Flash and Away3D! Intel IT MANAGER is an isometric Sims-style game with up to 100,000 triangles, interactive and animated elements per screen in certain rooms! Do you have what it takes to manage the IT department in your own virtual company? How does a Flash 3D game handle 100,000 triangles at once? It uses Away3D's caching system, which makes these large scenes a piece of cake. The game also takes advantage of the Away3D scene exporter, which allows you to save hundreds of objects as one compressed ActionScript file. This saves download times and costly pre-processing, ensuring the loading of 3d assets does not slow down the gameplay. Munchiegames.com has launched three new Flash games made with the Away3D engine. How quickly can you make a BLT sandwich, serve up spicy fries, or stuff a box of Valentine's Day treats? The games all have some kind of food theme, with a healthy injection of flavorful graphics and oddball humour. Munchiegames.com is serving up fresh 3D Flash games just for you! Conflict is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Tower Defense-type game that uses Away3D and the WOW 3D Physics Engine. As an added bonus, level maps can be created by users! Registered users of Conflict can build maps, save their score, rate other peoples creations and so on. If you don't want to register use the following word as the login/password : shirotokoro. Now go get 'em soldier! The CBBC's Escape from Scorpion Island is an immersive game where you interact with a wild 3D world around you. With video clues to find and puzzles to solve, you'll feel like you are the star of the show! Play it now - but don't forget to put on your insect repellent! Shortcut links to the minigames will be available soon where you'll find more games made with Away3D, such as Escape from the Ship. Hotels and Events.com is a website that plots upcoming arts & theatre, music, and sport events onto a 3D globe. With their innovative 3D Interface fueled by Away3D they are giving users a new navigation experience for search-based apps. Real Aquarium is a Facebook app where you can tend to your own 3D fish in a virtual aquarium. The first 3D virtual pet on Facebook is a big step for 3D Flash apps, it shows how people can develop and create simple applications with more graphical 'depth' wink. Christmas Tree is a 3D (or should that be Tree-D?) Facebook app that lets you customize your own christmas tree and then adorn it with decorations. Pick different shapes, backgrounds and coloured ornaments to make your tree as jolly as you like! Fukhaos.com is a showcase site that takes a peek into the future of 3D Flash websites. The simple, clean graphical style and navigation give you a feeling of space, while being immersed in a 3D environment. Why would you want your Flash site to be a crowded 2D mess, when you can aim for something like this? Last but certainly not least is the awe-inspiring AUDI VDT website by ArtificialDuck that uses Away3D to plot 3D representations of various machined parts in Flash. This has to be the one of the best Away3D websites we've seen so far. It's informative and technical with slick, clean visuals. As an addition some really great interactive mouse effects add to the 3D look and feel. Experience it for yourself here. If you've not yet tried it, we hope you get your 3D Flash groove on this year! The Away3D Flash Engine is becoming bigger and better with more capabilities, features and possibilities than any other 3D Flash engine available. We are looking forward to 2009 being another great year with yet more excellent Flash 3D creations! The Away3D Team


20 Jan 2009 11:04 AM

anton_y_k said:

And what about 2.3 version, how soon are going to release it?

21 Jan 2009 06:38 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

The F9 dev trunk is 2.2.7. An official tag will be released soon. You can access the trunk via SVN at http://away3d.googlecode.com/svn

25 Jan 2009 12:12 PM

Fisherman’s Day, a 3D game in Flash | No Nam said:

[...] was looking around the Away3D blog, seeing whats the latest for there 3D game engine and found a link to this very interesting [...]

29 Oct 2012 12:04 PM

online-games said:

many of them has 404 now :(

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