05 Mar 2009

Away3d 3.3: Flash 10 version update

by Rob Bateman Away3d 3.3: Flash 10 version update

The Flash10 branch has recently received the first of it's optimising updates that deals with some of the problems shading presented to us in the past. Flash 9 is restricted by blendmodes and layers that mean a huge overhead on extra drawing operations and filters to create shading effects. With Flash 10 however,  Pixel Bender allows us to solve the problem very neatly and with a significant speed boost! The above demo shows some of what is possible with the update: normalmapping with ambient, diffuse and correctly normalised specular shading, without the need for layers. As if that's not enough, a further Pixel Bender shader is applied to the view to create a HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect on the highlights, something usually seen in much more 3d-rich console games. Special thanx go to Eddie Carbin for donating an excellent normalmapped mustang model, and David Lenaerts for writing the HDR filter. The demo is available for download (along with the latest flash10 version of Away3d) in the zip files on the downloads page, or direct from the flash10 branch of the svn.  You can also access the demo source via the right-click menu in the flash movie, or go straight to the code here. Enjoy the new release!


06 Mar 2009 05:41 AM

Piergiorgio Niero said:

this demo is astonishing,
congrats guys smile

06 Mar 2009 10:41 AM

George Profenza said:


06 Mar 2009 02:18 PM

John Grden said:

very nice job guys, this looks really good - and I love that used a Mustang, that ROCKS o/

07 Mar 2009 01:10 AM

zszen said:

gr888888888888888888888888888t !!!!

07 Mar 2009 09:20 AM

desgraci said:

sniff, sniff :''s
i was working on that... jeje, but Tx guys, a lot!!!1, u r amazing, tx t david for this amazing class, hope to see ur work again, because this is the leader technolgy nowadays. Thanks aain to M "DemiGod" Rob for breaking the usual way of thinking, and showing us the way its done!!!!

09 Mar 2009 07:57 AM

Paul said:

Hey very nice demo indeed, but...Away3D 3.3 ?? I hope you mean 2.3, or otherwise you people jumped into the future! :D

11 Mar 2009 03:55 AM

Flash et la 3D | 3DCG.fr said:

[...] en plus de moteurs ou de technologies basés sur Flash. Je vous invite à visiter Alternativia3D et Away3D. Le premier propose une ensemble de solution allant de la gestion de sprites, de bones, etc tandis [...]

12 Mar 2009 11:28 AM

Nail said:



import away3d.core.scene.*;
^^ doesn't work anymore. Please advise.

12 Mar 2009 11:42 AM

Nail said:

This new version is tossing up errors all over the place. Unless I am missing some key info, the docs aren't much help. It looks like a lot of stuff got renamed and directory structures, datatypes and methods have been altered. It is probably for the better, but makes it hard to make any use of it. Love the product and the update. I look forward to being able to use it.

(going back to ver 2.3)

12 Mar 2009 11:57 AM

Nail said:

NM...looks like it isn't 3.3 that is the problem. It is the docs are outdated.

21 Mar 2009 11:48 AM

rakisuy said:

ok i like to downland!!!!

26 Mar 2009 03:35 PM

xx said:

goooooooood program

29 Mar 2009 05:57 PM


:D really gooood!!

09 Apr 2009 09:16 PM

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[...] http://away3d.com/away3d-33-flash-10-version-update [...]

09 Apr 2009 09:26 PM

elemen3 » Blog Archive said:

[...] http://away3d.com/away3d-33-flash-10-version-update [...]

22 May 2009 02:52 AM

vinod said:


31 Jul 2009 08:21 AM

Attention FLARToolkit developers! | ARvertising ne said:

[...] good news are that FLARToolkit now works also with Away 3.3. This problem reached also FLARManager and Artisan [...]

17 Oct 2009 01:40 PM

AS3 Quick Guides – Open Source 3D Engines &l said:

[...] not only provides a major speed increase but also some new features like Pixel Shader support and HDR lighting. However, with all these extra features comes larger file sizes, a more complex API, and a much [...]

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