04 Dec 2012

Adobe Gaming SDK 1.0

by Rob Bateman Adobe Gaming SDK 1.0

Today Adobe have announced their first release of a new suite of tools and libs for the Flash Platform that center around gaming. The Adobe Gaming SDK is intended as a starting point for game developers to build next-gen games in AS3, using all the latest Flash/AIR features: GPU-enabled graphics, ATF texture compression, and native extensions for device-specific functionality such as iAds and in-app purchasing.

The SDK package includes a number of open source frameworks that are officially supported by Adobe. Currently the list includes Starling for 2D graphics, Away3D for 3D and Feathers for UI components. We are very proud to be included in the existing supported frameworks of the SDK, and intend to be fully supportive of this new resource. At this stage, Adobe appear to have a good attitude when it comes to open source support for libraries that assist the Flash gaming workflow, and we welcome this continuing and expanding as more developers look towards Flash and AIR for crossplatform gaming development.

The bundle can be downloaded for free by logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud - don't worry if you don't have an account yet, as registration for this service is also free. Along with the open source libraries, several source examples are included. For Away3D, a new game demo called Invawayders is bundled which demonstrates how you can build a fun little 3D take on an arcade classic using the SDK. For a cross-platform preview of the game, check out the live web version, as well as published mobile versions on both Android and iOS. This content will also be updated over time, so watch this space for more info on SDK examples and updates.

For more info on the SDK, visit http://gaming.adobe.com/technologies/gamingsdk/



04 Dec 2012 02:29 PM

Qbrain said:

Very cool! Will take a look at it asap!

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